Factory wholesale Patterned Satin Fabric - SLAG REMOVING AGENT – COSAVE



Physical index:

Effect: can clean the 85%-90% slag in the molten steel and iron.

Porosity 45.5%,  water absorption 13%-26%.

Refractoriness: 1150-1750℃。

Heat insulation: conductivity 0.04W(m.℃)

Product features:

Efficiently collect slag and then remove it. With small amount of addition but strong collecting ability, easy crusting, no sticking on the ladle, no pollution of molten metal, no volatilization, stable chemical structure, no dust and odor during using it, and maintain a clean environment. In particular, our company developed light-duty slag remover, LCZ series products gained great reputation with light weight, low input and cost, similar quality with foreign products.

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